As with any verbal communication, it’s not what you say as much as how you say it.  Speak with bass and confidence in your voice.



This is a huge help when searching for that spot that absolutely drives her wild.

Unfortunately a lot of women have a hard time finding their voice and figuring out exactly how to say “a little to the left” in a way that she feels like won’t offend you and still sounds sexy in the moment, especially when she’s preoccupied with all these sensations. For some women it’s super hard for them to come out and tell you what they want. I know personally sometimes it’s hard for me to articulate the proper words to convey what I want because that requires thinking and my So it’s really helpful to give her options when you ask questions.

You don’t really need feedback from her if she seems to be going crazy, so if she’s clearly lost in the moment and feeling amazing don’t interrupt her with requests for guidance.

DO NOT just continuously ask “You like that? You like that? You like that?”  I guess you guys got that from porn, but we don’t get the sense that you’re really asking for actual constructive feedback when you say that. And if you are, then ONE, she might feel pressured to say “yeah” even though she’s not actually into THAT.  Can you imagine her responding by saying “I guess it’s alright,” or “Nah, not really.”  That might kill the mood entirely, and she knows that.  And TWO, it doesn’t sound hot or manly to us when you ask questions like that.  It’s pretty much the same thing as asking, “Does this feel good to you?” or “Am I doing it right?”  Talking like that makes you sound insecure, and we want a confident man between our legs. So instead ask helpful questions or better yet order her to give you specific responses.  For example, “Do you want it faster or slower?”  “More pressure or less pressure?”  or “Harder or softer?” If you can tell you’re not in the spot, try “Tell me where to stroke.” Or even “Show me where to touch you.”

ORDERS. As I’ve mentioned before, most women like a dominant man in the bedroom. Therefore most of us like to be ordered around.  (Don’t try to order us around outside the bedroom and especially not in public, that makes you look like an asshole.)  Gender equality isn’t a concern here.  This is a place where we really aren’t the same.  For example as you’re going down on her tell her, “Open your legs.”  If you can give her eye contact as you give her orders that’s good shit too.

I am neither a doctor nor a sexpert. I’m just a chick with a passion for orgasm. My mission is for women to get off more and more... and more.

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