If She Doesn’t Like Getting Head

It might just not be her thing. But it also might totally be her thing, but for whatever reason she doesn’t like the idea of it. And by her thing I mean that it can make her cum. Your mission, sir, if you choose to accept, is to figure out why she doesn’t want her pussy in/on your mouth. That’s right, good ole communication is key here. Ask her why she doesn’t like it.

Sometimes women just don’t like the idea of someone servicing them. They don’t feel comfortable being the taker. It’s probably going to be difficult for her to orgasm if she’s feeling uncomfortable.

One HUGE reason women that don’t like receiving oral feel this way is because they’re self conscious about their pussy. If she’s straight then it probably looks like this angry fleshy mess that she can’t imagine would turn someone on, and she’s certainly never tasted it, so of course she’s concerned about it. So ease her fears that it looks, smells, and tastes weird with compliments.

Another reason is because she’s never gotten good head before. So giving it to her right could change her mind.

She might have other issues around it too that might have been instilled from a conservative upbringing or traumatic experiences or horror stories she’s heard. Talking through this beforehand can really help. Ask her what it is about it that she doesn’t like or makes her uncomfortable. Ask her if she’s tried it before. Maybe something that happened before turned her off from it. Then reassure her that you won’t hate on her vag and you’ll be respectful.

You can still “go down” on her but only stoke her with your finger or a toy.  BUT if she’s worried about you going down there then it probably won’t matter if you’re going down there to put it in your mouth or for a look-see while your hands do the work or any other purpose. If your face is in her crotch, then she’s probably going to be uncomfortable.

It really depends on what she’s worried about, but if she’s uncomfortable then she’s not going to cum.

If she’s not down with you going down, no worries; there are lots of other delicious ways to get her off here, and maybe someday she’ll change her mind.

I am neither a doctor nor a sexpert. I’m just a chick with a passion for orgasm. My mission is for women to get off more and more... and more.

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