I recommend finding a place where you have total privacy, so you can let loose and relax. (Unless the idea of someone seeing/overhearing you turns you on, but note: they might actually see/hear you.) If you have a place where you are free to be as loud as you like, even better. You might enjoy making noises/hearing yourself make noises.

You probably want to lay a towel down. At this point you may not know if you’re one to squirt or gush or how much lubricant you’ll create, so you might as well save yourself a possible mess.

I recommend starting in your mind. Imagine something that turns you on. You can also use porn or dirty texts or whatever else gets you going here.

Once your thoughts have gotten you feeling sexy, touch yourself, and here’s a suggestion: don’t go straight for your pussy.

Start by running your hands all over your body. Take some time to explore yourself. Look for places that you really enjoy being touched. Experiment with different ways of touching yourself. Take note of what you like, so you can share it with your partner(s).

Also self-love will do wonders for your life, and it’s better to be demonstrative with your own love, because knowing you love yourself and actually loving yourself are two different things.

Continue to think thoughts and picture images that excite you. This might be the thought of your sweetheart, the sight of your own naked body, the thought of your own wet pussy, or a sexy person’s physique. This might be a fantasy playing out in your head. Or this might be the porn you’re watching.

Pussy Stroking

Before stroking your clit, explore your pussy as well. Caress your outer lips, your inner lips, your vulva, all of it. Check out this illustration and be happy and proud of whatever kind of pussy you have. See if you can find other fun places down there you like. Moisten your finger with your vaginal lubricant if you’re already turned on. Or you can use lube if you haven’t gotten wet yet or if you just like the sensation of it. I personally don’t like petroleum products on my skin, but that’s just me.

I like to lick my finger before I stroke my pussy because I figure my saliva is cleansing or whatever, and I’m pretty sure the vagina is super absorbent, but idk really. Not like my hands are dirty either, but they might’ve just touched my phone or keyboard or whatever…anywaayysss.

You definitely don’t have to always go in this way. Sometimes you might like starting out going rough and hard on your dry clit to get you wet. Idk what you’re into. This is all merely a suggestion. But whatever you do, take note of what you liked and didn’t like for future reference.

It’s going to be difficult for you to stimulate your own g spot without a toy. It can be done, but it’s kinda weird.  The clitoris tends to be most women’s favorite and easiest way to climax anyway, so I recommend starting there.

Clitoral Stimulation

G Spot Stimulation

I am neither a doctor nor a sexpert. I’m just a chick with a passion for orgasm. My mission is for women to get off more and more... and more.

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